Welcome to Luxury Skincare and MakeUp 4 U

I want to personally Welcome you to my blog Luxury Skincare and MakeUp 4 U

I love finding amazing products that are made “clean”, free from nasty chemicals and  help women feel beautiful

Please be sure to come back often and see what new articles and information I may have for you.

My goal is to feature a new product each week, and bring you superior value

In some cases I will provide direct links to a specific product, but I really like the personal touch and will personally take your order via text anytime at 559-296-9162 or on messenger if you prefer ===> CLICK HERE<=== 

If there is a product you are in the market for, please message me and I will be sure to get an article out right away.  🙂

I love helping my fellow women feel pretty and confident!

Have a blessed day and enjoy our blog

Priscilla L Brooks, Beauty Influencer


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